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Apply and Join the Class!

CEis a high school class that allows students to learn about the real world by immersing themselves in it.

The class is made up of Albany, Melrose and Sauk Centre high school students. They will be selected via a blind application process. Class size is about 20 students.

Students learn from local business owners.  We try our best to never meet in an actual classroom - kids will be out learning and touring businesses, and enjoying many guest speakers. They will visit and tour 20 to 30 businesses a year, and by the end, each student will start and run his/her own business! There is usually a special year-end visit the students get to take part in too!

There are no typical tests, homework, or assignments.  Students work on real-time projects with real-world expectations. We believe failure (and success) is the best teacher.  The experiences and connections the students make are truly priceless in preparation for the world after high school graduation.


The West Stearns CEO program is open to 11th and 12th graders from Albany, Melrose and Sauk Centre. 


This class runs 90 minutes a day from 7:30am-9am every day of the week. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

"Mr. Schreiner was the facilitator of our CEO class, which I would claim to be the most valuable and useful class I've ever taken." - Gabe Polipnick 

wsceo class of 19-20

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