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Zach Klimek

Junior, Sauk Centre High School

Zach loves golf, archery, trap shooting, and his job at Schaefer’s Market. He is very hard-working and family
oriented. Zach plans to attend college after high school.

Jay Neubert

Junior, Sauk Centre High School

Jay is involved in basketball, football, and Captain and Leaders Club. Jay enjoys jet skiing and golfing. His
future plans are to go to college and earn his doctorate degree in radiology.

Dominick Terhaar

Junior, Sauk Centre High School

Dominick is involved in track and cross country. He enjoys playing guitar and skateboarding with friends.
Dominick is considering a career as an electrical engineer.

Nate Schirmers

Senior, Sauk Centre High School

Nate is a senior and is involved in football, basketball, and track. He enjoys golfing in his free time and meeting new people. Nate plans on attending college or taking over his family farm.

Peyton Wiese

Senior, Albany High School

Peyton is involved in football. He loves to play instruments and work on cars in his free time. He plans on
going to college through Ford after high school to become a Certified Ford Technician.

Kevin Galicia

Senior, Melrose High School

Kevin is involved in knowledge bowl and track. He enjoys experiencing new things, socializing with others,
meeting new people, and learning random facts. Kevin plans to go to college to earn a degree in computer

Natalee Hoffner

Junior, Melrose High School

Natalee is involved in cheerleading, track, and choir. In the future, she plans to go to college to become a
dental hygienist. Natalee also gets involved in city events by volunteering.

Lily Wiechman

Junior, Melrose High School/Alex Technical College

Lily enjoys reading, art, the outdoors, and music. She is involved in musicals, track, and 4-H. Lily is looking into
becoming a large animal veterinarian after high school.

Blaise Welle

Junior, Melrose High School

Blaise participates in baseball and trap shooting. In his free time, he likes to work on his family farm, hunt, fish,
and snowmobile. Blaise is planning to attend college and pursue a career in agricultural business and take
over the family farm.


Christopher Polipnick

Junior, Sauk Centre High School

Chris is a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual. He is involved in the musical, one-act play, speech,
football, and golf, among other things. He loves a good dad joke and peanut butter. Chris plans to attend
college and pursue the theatre arts.

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